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Will Great Lengths hair extensions damage my hair?
The main cause of hair breakage in inferior hair extension systems are due to wax, metal or other hard compound hair extension bonds that do not flex when the hair is wet. The Great Lengths synthesized keratin bond mimics your natural hair’s structure by expanding and contracting with your hair shaft. This results in no strain on the hair. Applied using only the Great Lengths 3200 or 5000 application machine, the applicator simply moulds the bond around your natural hair and leaves it to cool. The bond is so small and light weight that it is virtually undetectable and causes no stress on your natural hair.
Correct application is also vital to prevent hair breakage. The Great Lengths keratin bonding process will not damage your hair if applied in the prescribed manner by a Great Lengths Certified hair extension expert. Great Lengths certified stylists undergo a rigorous training process. Check their certificate or call me to verify that they are trained by Great Lengths.

How long will Great Lengths hair extensions last?
With regular maintenance, which includes brushing daily with a Great Lengths special hair extension brush, Great Lengths hair extensions will last up to six months. As your hair grows, the bond will naturally grow out with your hair. Proper treatment, such as using the Great Lengths hair extensions Wetlines after care products that are specially designed for Great Lengths hair extensions, will extend the life of your hair extensions.

Will Great Lengths hair extensions hurt?
Many people read about horror stories of people getting hair extensions and then needing pain killers to sleep. Incorrect application of any hair extensions can cause pain if the bonds are attached very close to the scalp. Great Lengths certified stylists have to be qualified hairdressers before they are thoroughly trained and assessed on their application techniques to ensure that the correct amount of hair is placed in the bonds, the bonds are the correct distance from the scalp, the hair extension lies flat and comfortably in the hair. Hair extensions that are placed too close to the scalp will not extend the life of the hair extensions, it will only result in pain, hair breakage, headaches and at worst allopecia.

Will Great Lengths hair extensions affect my lifestyle?
Great Lengths hair extensions will not affect your lifestyle at all. The bonds of the hair extensions expand and contract with your hair and will not deteriorate over time or cause damage unlike other types of hair extensions such as glues, waxes, metal beads. With a little care, you can wear your Great Lengths hair up or down, go swimming, exercise and do most other things you would normally do without ever damaging the hair extensions or the bonds.
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Will people be able to tell I have hair extensions?
Great Lengths hair extensions are virtually invisible if placed correctly by a Great Length technician. The bonds are set close to the head and never at the hair part or the hairline. Because the extensions are set in rows, in the natural direcion of your own hair, they are discreet and indistinguishable to your own. You are able to wear your hair up, so long as you take a little care to make sure you haven’t pulled your hair back exposing a row of the extensions.

Will Great Lengths hair extensions match my own hair colour?
Great Lengths hair extensions come in over fifty shades from the lightest blond to the deepest black. Because your own hair may have two to three different tones, a Great Lengths stylist will often select a couple of different shades of extensions so that the additional hair doesn’t look uniform in colour and thus matches your own hair more naturally. Highlights and low-lights can also be added into your extensions if you want more depth and tone without dyeing your own hair.

What does it take to maintain hair extensions?
Great Lengths hair extensions require little maintenance, but like your own hair, to keep it healthy and looking good there is a little work. Brushing it regularly, wearing it up to sleep at night, and using Great Lengths Wetlines products will all increase your hair’s longevity. For more information on maintenance, please visit the maintenance section of the site.


Great Lengths Hair Extensions for Your Wedding

On your wedding day, transform yourself with the long, voluminous locks you’ve always dreamed of.
Hair extensions are becoming an increasingly popular trend amongst brides. While you may have found the perfect updo for your wedding day, your hair might be too fine or not long enough to pull it off. Hair extensions can help add volume, length, texture and/or chemical-free colour to any style. You can personalise your application to meet all your needs. Best of all, hair extensions whill have you looking beautiful on your wedding day, but last through your honeymoon and beyond.

Johannesburg Salon Directions

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