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Hair Extensions Great Lengths Concept

Human hair extensions – The Concept

Great Lengths technology for the application of 100% human hair strands has eliminated the limitations of decades-old technology for extensions.

Length, volume or both can now be easily and gently applied without compromising the integrity of your natural strands. Stop dreaming about longer more voluminous hair. Visit a Great Lengths Certified Salon today, and the hair you’ve always wanted can be yours tomorrow.

This is what many women dream of: long, thick healthy hair flowing down to their shoulders in gentle waves. Until now, only a few Sandton women in South Africa have had this dream come true because their own hair is only rarely capable of coping with the strains it is exposed to during all the years it needs to grow. One of the purposes of Sandton Great Lengths is to remedy this matter: our system offers all women the opportunity to make this dream come true!

How Long Are You Going to Wait for Long Hair?

Human hair grows approximately 1 cm per month on average. This implies that if you want to have very long hair you have to wait more than 5 years. Use Great Lengths Sandton South africa and you will have up to 60cm long hair within a few hours!

Great Lengths’ method is unique: no other system treats your hair in such a gentle way because Great Lengths has put an end to glueing, knotting and welding. Our modulation technique is a revolutionary system; an extremely durable yet gentle bonding attaches Great Lengths hair to your own hair.

Every woman who enjoys and admires her own hair and hairstyle is in love with life.

Great Lengths Sandton helps you to enjoy life with your new luxurious hair without restriction because there are no limits to organizing your leisure time or your lifestyle. Spending your holiday at the seaside, swimming, dancing, fitness training, playing tennis or doing winter sports is completely possible with Great Lengths. If you treat your hair with regular care there are no limits to your freedom!

Sandton Great Lengths offers you the opportunity to adapt length and thickness of your hair to your fashion requirements. But can you still change your hairstyle experimenting with perms, highlights and colours? Of course you can! Due to the fact that Great Lengths strands are composed of the very best quality natural hair, you can treat them in exactly the same way as you would your own hair!

Unfortunately, nature has not smiled upon all of us providing us with thick hair.
Is there any better feeling than running your fingers through your hair feeling the strength and body that it should consist of?
Great Lengths’ Sandton philosophy is to remedy the lack of thick hair in a way which is as simple as dyeing it if you want to change its colour. Considering the fact that people who do not have a lot of hair generally have very fine hair at the same time, the Great Lengths’ programme offers various thicknesses of natural hair strands for attaching to fine hair which can be attached in a practically invisible way.

Naturally, your hair is exposed to severe strains by heat, wind, dryness and constant friction.

Our research has shown that the more healthy human hair is, the better it can cope with these strains in the long run. This is because its natural cuticle layer, combined with regular care, is the best protection for it. In addition, its cuticle layer makes your hair resilient – without its resilience you could not perm your hair and any coloring would soon fade. The cuticle layer of Great Lengths hair in South Africa is intact, so it will respond to any treatment in the same way, or better, than your own hair would.
These strands may be removed without any damage to your own hair!

Of course you wonder how we attach Great Lengths strands to your own hair. While others use techniques like welding, waxing, glueing or knotting, which strain and very often damage your hair to a high degree, Great Lengths in South Africa is based on a much more gentle principle: modulating. We have created an extremely high tech method of attachment between the Great Lengths strand and your own hair. This point of attachment is composed of polymer chains whose molecular structure is very similar to that of human hair. It is activated by our Great Lengths applicator and joins the Great Lengths strand with your own hair in this way. It can, however, be easily removed by an expert!

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The strict sourcing process guarantees the origin and quality of all Great Lengths hair extensions across the world.

We’re proud that the origin of every strand of Great Lengths hair is traceable. All our Hair Extensions are ethically sourced.

Using the finest quality hair we can confidently guarantee the source, origin, quality and ethicality of all hair used in the process. Our commitment to ethical practice sees the proceeds from the purchase of the Indian Temple hair go directly back into the local communities from where it originates – aiding the development of temples, medical services, schools and many other charitable concerns.

Established over 25 years ago, Great Lengths’ premium quality human hair extensions can now be found in over 60 countries across the world. The finished product is of the highest quality – available in a vast selection of glossy tones and lengths, and suitable for all hair types.