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Bridal wedding hairstyles for 2015 in Johannesburg

On your wedding day, transform yourself with the long, voluminous locks you’ve always dreamed of.

blonde-bride=1Hair extensions are becoming an increasingly popular trend amongst brides. While you may have found the perfect updo for your wedding day, your hair might be too fine or not long enough to pull it off. Hair extensions can help add volume, length, texture and/or chemical-free colour to any style.

Which Hair Extensions are Right for You?

Every bride wants gorgeous wedding-day hair. While plenty of brides rock short hair (and look fabulous!), most recent brides we’ve asked told us they spent a year or more growing out their locks before the big day — and other brides took a shortcut and added hair extensions instead. But contrary to popular belief, extensions aren’t just for adding length; they can also double or even triple your thickness. If you’re wanting that extra length go for hairextensions for the big day, or planning a wedding abroad, you may want to try one of the year’s hottest hair trend – mermaid waves, as seen on the spring 2015 catwalk at Calvin Klein.


For brides looking for something a little more styled, why not try an ornate ponytail as shown at Valentino and Missoni? This looks especially pretty on brides when they are pulled around to the side. Retro brides, this one’s for you! The rock star quiff featured at Emilio Pucci – this would work well if you’re planning a 50s-inspired theme and wearing a shorter, tea-length dress.

What are Great Lengths Hair Extensions?


Great Lengths hair extensions are strands / tufts of hair which are provided with a bonding of keratin. Keratin is a natural building material of the hair. The hair extensions are made of 100% human hair. This makes the extensions have a superior quality because the hair cuticle still has the original. These are very carefully treated to the extensions to be as healthy as possible.

Hair Extensions with her scales are much better for her own hair extensions without its scales or with damaged hair cuticles. When you opt for hair extensions from Great Lengths, choose hair extensions that are also used by most Hollywood stars and famous beauty stars. Due to the superior quality of the hair extensions and the hair cuticles own hair stays healthy and does not damage the natural hair through the extensions. Hair extensions mix also easier with your own hair to natural hair. This allows you to wear hair extensions without anyone else knowing about it even your closest family.

Wedding Hair Tips
Getting your hair “in shape” before your wedding or any special occasion is a MUST. Follow my easy wedding hair tips to achieve healthy, lustrous hair and a gorgeous, shiny style for your special day!Tip #1 Hair that isn’t well hydrated and nourished will end up looking fried, over processed, and dry on your special day. While deep treatments at home are important, getting a salon quality hydrating hair treatment on a regular basis is a must as well.Tip #2 In addition regular hydrating treatments, regular haircuts are also important. Talk to your stylist about what your goal is for your special day. This important for them to know so they can cut your hair properly.

Tip #3 Do NOT change your haircut or color right before the wedding! The same goes for wedding hair tips bridesmaids too!

Tip #4 Get a trial style done of what you want your hair to look like for your wedding or special event. What you think you may want may not be what looks best on you. Bring your ideas, but ask your stylist what she may recommend for you. Be sure your hairstyle compliments your personality and overall style.

Tip #5 Remember you are what you eat! Eating a healthier diet will ultimately give you healthier hair. Eating foods rich in omegas will result in shinier locks and reduce the amount of breakage.

Tip #6 Regular exercise is important to stimulate the blood flow to the scalp and nourish the hair follicle.

As your wedding day approaches, you may wish your hair were just a bit longer or thicker. Or, you may like your hair just fine, but you want a little extra height or finesse for your special day. If so, look to hair extensions to complement your coif.

There are two basic categories of hair extensions: permanent and temporary. Permanent hair extensions are typically placed in your hair by a salon professional. Permanent hair extensions, which are usually applied to add length or increase volume, can last as long as months and they usually require maintenance by a professional. If you want long hair for your wedding, or your hair needs a bit more length to achieve an up ‘do, permanent hair extensions are a good option.

You can personalise your application to meet all your needs. Best of all, hair extensions will have you looking beautiful on your wedding day, but last through your honeymoon and beyond.

Famous Celebs who use Great Lengths Hair Exetensions

Avril LavigneCheryl ColeJennifer AnistonMiley Cyrus

Celebrities all around the world use Great Lengths Hair Extensions and now you as a Bride can join them on your wedding day.

To complete your magical new hair here is a good place to ask about wedding videos for your big day if you are in Johannesburg they do live wedding video streaming read more…