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Game of Thrones Hairstyles Johannesburg

Phone Elaine 083 710 8159 – Game of Thrones hairstyles by Elaine Johannesburg, they are partly the woven and twisted hairdos that keep us coming back. Since it’s easy to miss a great hairstyle when you’re focused on the show’s shocking plot, we’ve rounded up some of the most intricate styles from the series. Brace yourself for all the (hair) twists and turns of season five! These braids are so complex, you’ll need a lady-in-waiting to assist. Elaine will do your hairdo the way you like it. She will create that movie star look for you.

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The show’s leading ladies — like Cersei, Sansa, Arya and Daenareys — have absolutely slayed with their signature braids. Whether they’re commanding dragons or ruling kingdoms, these ladies don’t mess around when it comes to keeping their hair looking fierce. Join in and become stricking in your appearance, combined with hair extensions Elaine can give you this look. When it comes to medieval chic no one makes it look cooler than the likes of Cersei, Daenerys and Sansa. From tousled waves to twisted tresses and braided up-down dos there’s plenty of new hairstyle inspiration to be had from watching this show.

A lady in waiting in Johannesburg. There are very few hairstylists in South Africa that has the expertise and experience to put together these complex hairstyles however depending on the length of you hair these style can be attached by adding hair extensions to increase the length and volume you may need, please phone me for a consultation.